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   How to Decide What Kind of Percussion Instrument Is Right for You

How to Decide What Kind of Percussion Instrument Is Right for You

Posted by Sean Lemons on Aug 15th 2019

Even though a lot of people would prefer a regular drum set and would want to play in a rock band, it’s important to consider which type of percussion instrument is actually right for you. In many cases, you’ll find that everything from the type of sound they generate to the required posture and the drumming style that you’ll need to adapt to will simply feel wrong in the case of using certain types of drum sets or other percussion instruments. As a result, you have to learn as much as possible about the different instruments available out there, before you can make your final decision.

From the Korean Bak to the Maram typically used in India, there are a huge variety of intricate and exotic percussion instruments to choose from. While some of them might be traditionally suited to a specific culture, others, like the marimba or the xylophone have become extremely popular worldwide, and are typically used in a variety of music genres. 

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To determine the type of percussion instrument you want to use, it’s important to know the genre and style you prefer and consider which instruments are best suited to it. For instance, the timpani or kettledrums are typically used in orchestras and for a variety of formal performances. Cymbals are typically used to make loud noises, and maracas are considered to be great for anyone who’s into latin music.