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How to Tell If A Vibraphone Percussion Music Book Is Good

How to Tell If A Vibraphone Percussion Music Book Is Good

Posted by Sean Lemons on Oct 18th 2019


There are many ways to start learning a Vibraphone instrument or to improve your performance: you can watch instructional online vibraphone videos, you can turn to a music teacher or you can grab a music book and start studying it. If the later method is the one that appeals to you, you have surely seen that there is an incredibly wide range of percussion music books available online as well as in brick and mortar bookstores, so here is a little help to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable manual:

  • -Consider your level – absolute beginners can choose their book easily, but if you have already been playing for some time and you need the book to improve your skills, you need to assess your knowledge carefully and to choose a book that helps you achieve your goals;
  • -Look for a thorough book – if you decide to learn percussion from a book, you will not have a tutor to provide you extra explanations or to correct you, so you will need a manual that explains everything in great detail and also points out potential mistakes that you should avoid;
  • -Look for a series – many percussion method books come in series, so when you have completed a specific level and achieved the goals you have set for yourself, you can easily move to the next level with a book from the same authors or in the same style.