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The Main Differences Between Buying a Kid Drum Set and a Regular One

The Main Differences Between Buying a Kid Drum Set and a Regular One

Posted by Sean Lemons on Feb 10th 2020

If you want to buy your child a drum set, it’s important to consider the differences between a regular one and one designed especially for kids. While the latter is great for learning, it will still present your child with a significant learning curve once they are old enough to be able to tackle the real deal.

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Drum kits for children are developed to ensure that kids can simplify their experience playing and learning to play the drums. In most cases, this means the drum kit will have fewer drums and a more intuitive pattern when it comes to their layout. The drums might also be smaller and made to develop a less intense sound.

One of the best things about drum kits designed for grownups is that they can still be used by kids of a certain age. You don’t have to be an adult to learn to play them properly, and most young teens will find the experience of playing a large percussion instrument set like that to be quite a satisfying challenge.

There is also a difference in price between a regular drum set and one designed for children. If you’re not sure that your child will enjoy playing the drums, it’s usually best to have them practice on the smaller and easier drum kits for children, before you consider investing a lot of money into a full size drum kit.