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The Most Common Electronic Accessories for Drums

The Most Common Electronic Accessories for Drums

Posted by Sean Lemons on Oct 30th 2019

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Electronic drum accessories are devices used for complementing your equipment set-up as well as for improving the performance and the playing experience. You can find electric drum accessories everywhere you find electric drum kits for sale. Here are some of the most common accessories to choose from:

  • -Drum monitors – also known as drum amps, these devices are used for improving the quality of the sound of the drum play by adding more volume to it and by filtering out unwanted noise. The drum monitor eliminates the need to use headphones, allowing the player to hear exactly what comes out of the drums;
  • -Drum pads – these devices are usually attached to digital drums and are made from high-quality, very resistant rubber. Drum pads are used to expand the functionality of the drum set or even to replace an old pad and they offer a very realistic playing experience. Most drum pads are compatible with a large range of drums;
  • -Controller pedals – drums are played with the hands and the arms as well as with the foot and the legs, so foot pedals are just as important as sticks. Electronic drum pedals are sensitive, easy to use devices that enhance the quality of the play, while also contributing the delivering a realistic performance.