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Top Music Books for Learning the Marimba

Top Music Books for Learning the Marimba

Posted by Sean Lemons on Oct 21st 2019

A marimba might seem like an easy-to-play instrument that can be learned almost intuitively, but even so, a little help is always welcome. If turning to a music tutor is out of reach, you can find lots of great marimba online method books that you can use for improving your skill and to reach your goals – here are some tips about how to choose a great book for your practices:

  • -Pick a book with lots of pictures – playing the marimba is not only about reading sheet music and learning about instruments. It is also about the correct posture, the correct hitting technique and lots of other practical aspects that are easier to learn from pictures than from text;
  • -Pick a book with easy to understand and detailed explanations – if you don’t have anyone to turn to for practical help, you will need a book that is easy to understand. The authors of the top music books are aware of the importance of clear explanations, so just open the book anywhere, read a couple of pages and you will be able to tell whether the book in your hand is right for you or you will need to keep looking for the best manual.