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Mapex Snare Drum Sale

How do they do it?! Always popular for their vast snare line, Mapex is coming out with 14 NEW SNARE DRUMS! All the Black Panther series - how can you go wrong? That expands their line to 26 snare drums - not including five new Design Lab Artist snare drums. With all these options, you can find a snare that really fits you. 

We'll have two of many of the new models on 8/21/2020! You can see these below. Since we only have two, get yours before they're gone! Once you pre-order a snare, we'll ship it to you ASAP! Here's some of the models we will have in stock. 

Wasp - 1mm Seamed Steel Shell, 10x5.5". Small, bright pop.

Cyrus - 1mm Seamed Steel Shell, 14x6".  Deep and dry. 

Heritage - 5-ply 5mm Maple Shell, 14x6". Deep and Vintage. 

Razor - 5-ply 5mm Maple Shell, 14x5". Shallow and Bright. 

Shadow - 7-ply 6.85mm Birch Walnut Shell, 14x6.5". Deep and Dark.

Venom - 8-ply 6.85mm Maple Shell, 14x5.5". Standard, Bright tone. 

Metallion - 1.2mm Seamed Brass, 14x5.5". Standard Metal tone. 

Nucleus - 8-ply 8.1mm Maple/Walnut/Maple, 14x5.5". Standard Medium sound. 

Solidus - 11-ply 11mm Maple, 14x7". Deep and Bright tone. 

Atomizer - 2mm Seamed Aluminum, 14x6.5". Deep and Bright Metal.

Predator - 1.2mm Seamed Copper, 14x6". Metallic, Deep, and Dark. 

Pegasus - 7-ply 6.15mm Maple/Walnut, 14x5.5". Standard Dark Wood tone.