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A Short Cymbal Buying Guide

A Short Cymbal Buying Guide

Posted by Sean Lemons on Apr 7th 2020

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The cymbal is an essential component in any drum set, so here are some factors that you need to consider to be able to buy a really good piece:

  • -Learn about the regions of the cymbal – a cymbal is composed of the surface, the bell, the profile and the edge. Most of the hitting occurs on the surface, so it needs to be made from the best material; the bell is the element that gives the cymbal its loudness, so the larger it is, the louder the instrument; the profile will give the cymbal its pitch, so the flatter the cymbal, the lower the sound, while the edge is the cymbal’s most sensitive component, so it needs to be made from the best material, too;
  • -Diameter – the larger the cymbal, the lower the sound it delivers, so never a buy a cymbal without sounding it first or without knowing the ideal diameter from your own experience;
  • -The finish – cymbals are available with shiny and earthy finishes. Many people think that the finish plays only a cosmetic role, while other cymbal online experts say that shiny cymbals deliver a glassier sound;
  • -The material – all cymbals are made from bronze, but they vary in terms of how much tin goes into to the alloy. The tin percentage influences the sound of the instrument, so it is very important to get it right.