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Crash Cymbal Pairs

Crash Cymbals The Accent of Your Setup The crash cymbal is the ultimate accent on your drum set. It's used to wrap up a fill or fuel a dynamic change. At MyMusicSupply, we have crash cymbals for sale for drum sets, marching bands, and concert bands. Need a stand? We have those for sale too! Check out our hardware selection to give that new crash cymbal a nice place in your drum setup. Crash cymbals are generally made of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. B20 is the most common ratio, but different series use different alloys! This affects the sound profile and effect your cymbals have. The vary in diameter, thickness, physical attributes such as lathing and hammering, and bell shape. They can be played with sticks or brushes, or in pairs. They can be played in a myriad of different ways, which make crash cymbals some of the most versatile percussion instruments on the planet. History of the Crash Cymbal The crash cymbal was introduced to Europe in the 18 th century from the Ottoman empire, now Turkey. Indeed, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals both come from a single Turkish family cymbal tradition dating back centuries! They started to be used more and more in music in the 19 th century, and expanded to all the different uses we see today! With the myriad of ride cymbals, splash cymbals, china cymbals, and hi hats cymbals, it's good remember it all started with the crash cymbal! Drumset Crashes A crash cymbal can serve a lot of different purposes with a drum set. It can act as an effect, it can be used to ride on. Some people even used them as hi hats – though we suggest getting actual hi hats. When you're thinking about a new crash cymbal, there are many different factors to consider. The physical components of cymbals give them their sound profile. Look for these attributes. What is the bell like? What is the lathing like on this crash cymbal? Is the crash hammered? Does it have holes? Yes, a crash cymbal with holes! Some EFX cymbals these days feature strategically placed holes to affect the decay and sound profile. (Check out our EFX and china cymbals here!) And at MyMusicSupply, you don't have to wonder what they sound like – listen to your cymbals before you buy! If you're playing rock or pop, you might consider a bright, sweet cymbal. These types of cymbals are bright and have a great shimmer. The Zildjian A family, with A Custom and Avedis, the Sabian AA and AAX lines, and the Dream Contact and Energy lines are some good starter points. On the other end of the crash cymbal spectrum are the dark and dry cymbals. Crash cymbals that give you this rich, dark profile are the Zildjian K family, Sabian HH and HHX, and the Dream Dark Matter and Bliss series. These have fantastic definition, shimmer, and dark overtones. Crashes come in a ton of different sizes. The larger the size of your crash cymbal, the lower the pitch is going to be. You want the pitches of your crash cymbals to be complementary with one another. You want your crash cymbals to be close, but not too close! Think of it like chords on a piano. A good place to start is an 18” crash cymbal. This is right in the middle! A 16” also works. You can try a matching 16 and 18 from the same series for a pair of crashes that will give you a similar timbre and sound profile on two different pitches – or you can change it up! Try two completely different crash cymbals – to be more versatile! Try a 14” crash for something a little higher pitched. Another aspect is the attack and decay of the cymbal. A fast crash (many of them 14 and 16” crash cymbals) are quick, flashy crashes that get loud very fast, but also get quiet quickly. These give a nice staccato note sound effect. Larger cymbals, like a 20” crash cymbal, tend to have more versatility as a ride cymbal. You can start to blur the line between crash cymbal and ride cymbal! There's almost too many options – so give us a call! Whether you're playing jazz, rock, metal, or gospel – we can find the best crash cymbal (or crash cymbal pack) for you at the best price! There are different areas and types of strokes on a crash cymbal that make it a multi- dimensional instrument. In the middle is the bell, a totally different playing surface with a ton of attack, which differs entirely from the rest of the instrument. Striking a full stroke through the cymbal can give you a full crash, but for more subtle stick definition you can strike the top with your stick tip. Remember, with MyMusicSupply, you can buy the crash cymbal you hear on our site. No video? Give us a call! Unlike Amazon or Guitar Center, we will give you a personalized touch, working with you to get the best crash cymbal for you! Don't know where to start? Check out our YouTube page! We have videos featuring many of our crash cymbals to give you a feel of the how gram weight, series, and size affect the sound profile. Like what you hear? You can buy that precise cymbal! We even have a collection of used cymbals! Never cracked, our used cymbals can get you a cymbal in great shape with little use. Always give us a call or check our used cymbal selection online! Don't go on ebay, buy from MyMusicSupply! Crash Cymbal Pairs No monkeys here! The original use of the crash cymbal – hand cymbal pairs! For a concert band, crash cymbals can really add wonderful dynamics to your ensemble. MyMusicSupply has a large array of crash cymbals for sale to match your concert band, orchestra, or symphony needs! Our roots are in concert percussion and we can bring this expertise to you! Concert crash cymbals range from 16” up and come in pairs. They have straps. These crash cymbals sit in a cradle stand. Need crash cymbals, straps, and a stand? We have bundles coming soon! These will have everything you need to add that extra flavor to your percussion section. Crash cymbal notation is generally written on a single line, though it can be paired with a bass drum. Zildjian's hand cymbals vary greatly, from their A Classic Orchestral Selections, which come with a stronger high-end and classic Zildjian brilliance and projection, to their Constantinople pairs – rich, dark and complex. There's the K series, Viennnese, French, Symphonic – the list goes on! These all come in smaller varieties – Medium Light, Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy. There are a myriad of options to suit your needs. Sabian also has an incredible selection in hand cymbals from all their classic lines. The AA and AAX bring up the bright and powerful end of the spectrum. These distinct cymbals cut through and command their frequency range. The HH and HHX tip the scales toward the dark, dry, and complex end of concert crash cymbal pairs. There are a ton of totally unique sounds like Germanic, Viennese, Synergy, and Traditional Symphonic. One of the best crash cymbals for the price are the Sabian XSR cymbals, strong and bright enough, but subtle enough to be versatile, with a price tag that doesn't hurt. Dream also makes hand cymbals in both their Contact and Energy series. Dream cymbals have an incredible spectrum of shimmering overtones. They're thin and rich crash cymbals pairs, and they start at 16” crash cymbal pairs and go all the way up to 22” crash cymbal pairs. Marching Crash Cymbals The most underrated spot on the drum line? The cymbal line! Always having the most fun, the cymbal line provides accents and dynamics to a drumline with crash cymbals. At MyMusicSupply, we can outfit the whole line! No matter your budget or the sound you're looking to achieve – we can find crash cymbal pairs for your line to play with passion! In a marching band, choreography is always important. Need flashy cymbals to really show off those visuals? We've got them. Most of our crash cymbals for sale have options with a brilliant finish – whether it's a 16” pair or a 20” pair. We have marching cymbals that are bright, powerful, and cutting. These will be your brighter series cymbals – Zildjian A Stadium cymbal pairs, in Medium and Medium-Heavy. The Z-MAC cymbals are the most versatile cymbals out there! They can be used on the drum line, in a concert band, wherever! Sabian AA and AAX crash cymbals have a great, commanding crash. We have crash cymbals that are more subtle and rich, We have budget-friendly crash cymbals that support learning marching cymbal technique – and still sound professional! From Zildjian's S series and ZBT series to Sabian's XSR series and Dream's Contact series, there are so many budget-level crash cymbals to outfit a drum line to still sound professional!