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Where Can I Find Classical Percussion Specialists?

Where Can I Find Classical Percussion Specialists?

Posted by Sean Lemons on Apr 13th 2020

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Classical percussion, also called orchestral percussion is the term used for the instruments used in orchestras or classic band settings. The people who play in such settings are usually musicians who have received formal training in a conservatory or a music school. Here is where you can find such specialists:

  • -Local music schools and conservatories – these institutions are great places to find music professionals. The teachers and tutors who work in these schools are highly trained, experienced and proven talented musicians who are familiar not only with playing techniques, but with teaching methods as well;
  • -Online platforms – there are more and more platforms available online where classical percussion specialists offer their services. After you create a profile on the platform, you can start looking at the profiles of the other users and contact the specialists that you consider suitable;
  • -Local music stores or places that have drums for sale – most of these shops work with people who are passionate about music and have an extended network of fellow music enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike. You can ask shop assistants for help with your search or you can use their advertising boards to place an ad saying that you are looking for a classical percussion specialist.