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coollogo-com-2520331.png The world's turning increasingly digital, and so is music. Denver Percussion is offering a new School of Lessons based on this trend! 



Here's some of the subjects that are available to be covered:

  • Ableton Live (AL) (and other DAWS upon request)
  • Sound Design
  • Djing & Mixing
  • Live Looping
  • Live Sound
  • Recording
  • AL Sound Design 
  • AL Composition
  • Electronic Music Theory - House, Techno, Downtempo, Dub, Bass, Hip-Hop
  • Sampling
  • Mixing Vinyl
  • Hybrid Playing - Electronics and Live Instruments
  • Midi Controllers and Keyboards
  • AL Live setups
  • Much more! 

These lessons will be offered at the Denver Percussion studio or remotely. 



Electronic production is limitless, and despite what many say, there's plenty of ways to translate musicality, creativity, and improvisation into this realm. For more information (or to set up lessons) please contact