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How Can I Find A Drum Shop Near Me?

How Can I Find A Drum Shop Near Me?

Posted by Sean Lemons on Apr 10th 2020

Most towns and cities have at least a couple of music shops and most of these shops have a section that specializes in drums. However, if you are looking for a shop that specializes only in drums, you will have a much harder time finding the right shop. Here are some tips how to make your search more efficient:

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  • -Ask fellow drummers about the shop they go to – if you know experienced drummers, they will probably be able to guide you and to tell you where you can find a suitable drum shop;
  • -Do some online research – oftentimes a drum shop sells instruments online, via their websites. Do a quick search, entering the term drum shop, followed by the region where you are located – you will get lots of hits and most drum shop websites will provide the shop’s physical address, phone number and other contact details;
  • -Take a walk in the city center – most music shops are located in central areas, so if you take a long walk downtown and you pay attention to the type of the shops that you are walking by, you will probably find the great drum shop that you need.