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​  Things to Know about Drum Rentals for Marching Bands

​ Things to Know about Drum Rentals for Marching Bands

Posted by Sean Lemons on Oct 23rd 2019

Renting musical instruments, rather than buying them, is an excellent way to have access to instruments of the highest quality without having to shell out large sums to own them. The practice is especially beneficial for marching bands that play in public relatively rarely, on parades, sports events and other, similar occasions. Here are a few things that you should know about drum set rentals for your marching band:

  • -Most rental companies charge a deposit upfront, then you will pay a convenient monthly sum for using the equipment;
  • -Most companies offer the client the option to become the owner of the instrument after the rental contract expires;
  • -Many rental companies offer repair and maintenance services for their equipment, making sure that the drum or drum set that you rent will stay in excellent condition;
  • -You can choose the rental period – most companies offer multi-year rental contracts, but if you want to rent the instrument for a shorter period than the company’s standard rental period, most rental services are flexible and open to discussing shorter periods as well;
  • -Contract renewals are quick and easy – in most cases, you can do it all online, but even if your rental company does not offer that service, the renewal process is usually very simple.

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