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Mapex Drums - 30 Years

Posted by Sean Lemons on Oct 11th 2019

Mapex drums have been around for 30 years! MyMusicSupply has a great relationship with Mapex Drums, and we were lucky enough to grab, not only the incredible 30th Anniversary snare drum, but also one of the 30th Anniversary Drumsets! There are only 30 of these shell packs in the United States. 

The snare drum is based off of a 90's favorite. It's not Hey Arnold, it's Mapex's first snare drum classic - the Deep Forest snare. Check it out below. The drum is 6.5x14", with 8 plies of natural walnut. This dark dense wood gives an incredible crack and response with a gorgeous, dark tone. With the SonicClear edges - 45° on the batter side and 35° on the snare side - the heads have more surface area in contact with the shell, giving you a full range of tone from one drum! A modernized version of a 90's favorite, this melds tradition and cutting-edge tech for a perfect all-around classic. 

In 1992, Mapex sent an incredible kit to market - the Orion Maple Custom. They also released a Birch version, but the Orion maple drums really made Mapex a name in drumming circles. The new kit is 100% North American maple. It's got an incredible tone - tune the 16" floor tom down a little and hear it roar! It's got a beautiful warm and projective tone. 

The bass drums have 8 plies of maple where the rest of the kit has 6. They of course have the SonicClear bearing edges. The kit has a standard 22" kick with 10" and 12" racks and 14" and 16" floors. The set is completed with a really nice wood grain finish. 

Check out our listings for both here. They're not cheap, but they quality is worth every penny. The 90's are back, football head!