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What Are the Most Necessary Drum Accessories You Might Need?

What Are the Most Necessary Drum Accessories You Might Need?

Posted by Sean Lemons on Feb 12th 2020

If you want to become a professional drummer, or at least you want to learn how to play the drums as quickly and as enjoyably as possible, you’ll need a lot of accessories for your drumming and practice sessions, that you might not know much about.

Of course, you’ll definitely need to shop for the right types of drumsticks, and experts consider you should get at least a couple of replacements, as well as try out a few different types of drumsticks, to figure out exactly which one is the best choice for you.

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Practice pads are also great additions to your typical drum set. Not only will they help you practice more easily and get better results in the long run, these accessories are also very cheap. Practice pad drum accessories are excellent gifts for a beginning drummer.

If you’re interested in playing jazz and acoustic music, then a pair of drum rods (also known as hot rods) will be indispensable. Considered to be somewhere between brushes and drumsticks, hot rods are excellent when it comes to playing gentler tunes at a lower volume, having been made popular by Dave Grahl during the legendary Nirvana Unplugged concert on MTV.